Spooktacular Halloween Mock-tails Pt. 2


Witch’s Brew with Spider Ice Cubes

What You Need:

Silicone mini muffin molds

Spider Rings

White Grape Juice

Pineapple Juice (or whatever other juice you’ve got around)

Sparkling Apple Cider

Step 1 Put the muffin mold on a cookie sheet or plate that will fit in your freezer.


Step 2 Place Spider rings inside muffin molds face down.  Squish them down a bit because they will want to float.

Step 3 Pour white grape juice into the molds.

Step 4 Freeze for at least an hour, but can be made weeks in advance.

Step 5 Combine equal parts fruit juice and sparkling apple cider.  If you can’t find good sparkling apple cider in your area you can use a bit of club soda or sparkling water.

Step 6 Just before serving add the ice cubes.

Spooktacular Sugar-Free Mock-Tails PT 1


Want all the fun and none of the sugar?  Here is the first of 3 great Halloween sugar-free drinks that will delight kids and adults alike.  Hint, just add rum for the grown-up version.

Ghoulish Ghost Juice

What You Need:

Silicone half dome molds.  CLICK HERE

Pineapple Juice

Concorde Grape Juice

Coconut Milk

(Optional but nice) Squeeze bottle CLICK HERE

(Optional but nice) Turkey baster, or large eye dropper


Put a small amount of grape juice in the bottom of the silicone mold.  This will become the dark part of the eye, so don’t make it too large.  I used one of those eye dropper type medicine measures I had in the cabinet.  Place in the freezer until solid.  Then put the coconut milk into a squeeze bottle.  I use the squeeze bottle because if you try and pour from the can it will end up all over the place.  If you don’t have a squeeze bottle you could use a small pitcher or anything with a pour spout, or even use a turkey baster.  Now freeze for at least an hour but you can leave these in the freezer for a week.

In a pitcher mix one part coconut milk to 2 parts pineapple juice.  Chill very well in the fridge.  Pour in glasses and add your eyeball ice cubes just before serving.  Serve them with a spoon so the guests can fish out the eyeballs and watch them transform into bloodshot eyes.

COMING NEXT:  Witches Brew with Spider Ice


sugar-free watermelon lemonade

My daughter loves lemonade and she wants to have lemonade stands all the time but she can’t have sugar. The problem with sugar alternatives is that most of them are brown and that makes for a very ugly lemonade. The ones that are white are so highly processed you ight be better off with an organic white sugar. See this article about stevia from 100 days of real food. I was stumped until mid summer when I had found I had leftover watermelon from the weekend and needed to do something with it. Normally I go right for the watermelon margaritas but it was a Tuesday at 2 in the afternoon and my 5 year old wanted to have a lemonade stand so I put down the tequila. What I discovered is that watermelon is so sweet you don’t need any sugar. You can do this in a blender but of course the vitamix is the best! You can also use a juicer and avoid the step of straining the watermelon.

First cube up your left over watermelon and put it in the blender. Blend on the highest setting until liquified.


Now strain the watermelon.


Now add some water and lemon or lime juice to taste. Start with ratio of 25% water to watermelon juice. Then add lemon or lime juice one at a time till you like the balance of sweet to tart. Now add some mint leaves and slices of lemons and/or limes. Poor it over a ton of ice and open the lemonade stand!